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Reading Driver Licenses

Most driver licenses in the US and Canada are AAMVA compliant (see American Association of Motor Vehicles, and have a PDF417 barcode printed on the back of the license. Scan-ID reads the PDF417 barcode and automatically places the information extracted from the barcode into their respective fields such as name, birthdate, address, city, state, postal code, ID number, issue and expiry dates.

Reading Barcodes

Scan-ID is capable of locating and reading various 1D and 2D barcodes in an image. The currently supported bar code types are Code39, Code128, EAN-8 EAN-13 (including UPC-A and UPC-E), and PDF417.

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Hi-Speed Duplex Card Scanner

Specially designed for those challenging jobs other card scanners cannot handle. Ideal for scanning thick laminated medical and insurance cards, or plastic embossed cards.

Scan-ID is a powerful card scanning software which helps you to scan, manage, and maintain driver licenses and other identification cards. It scans and stores driver licenses, medical and insurance cards, and other photo IDs, and creates a searchable database of the scanned cards. It reads the PDF417 barcodes on US and Canadian driver licenses, and automatically places the information from the barcode into their respective name, birthdate, address, and other fields. It also has a built in OCR engine which allows you to drag and drop data directly from the scanned image to any text field.

You can retrieve any scanned document easily from the indexed database of scanned cards and contacts. The QuickSearch feature allows you to search for any card based on name, birthdate, or any of the available fields.

Key Features

  • Scans driver licenses, medical and insurance cards, thick or thin laminated cards, and other identification documents up to 4 x 6 inches in size
  • Automatically creates a fully searchable database of indexed cards and contacts
  • Scan single or double sided cards in JPEG or BMP image formats
  • Reads 1D and 2D barcodes (including Code39, Code128, EAN8, EAN13, UPC, PDF417)
  • Reads the PDF417 barcode data on US and Canadian driver licenses (AAMVA compliant)
  • Automatically places the information extracted from driver license barcode into their respective name, address, birthdate, and other fields
  • Automatic age flagging when person is below user-specified minimum age
  • Built in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine allows you to drag data directly from the image to any text field
  • Quick Search feature allows you to find any card easily
  • Export database to Excel or other database formats
  • Scanned images can be exported to any folder on disk
  • Eleven fully customizable field names
  • Print scanned images

Exporting Data from the Card Database

Export to practically any application
Scan-ID has extensive export features and allows you to create customized export formats. Practically any application that can import text data will be able to read in the card database from Scan-ID.

The automatic export feature makes it simple to transfer data to third party applications. This feature automatically creates and maintains a database file that can be read directly by other applications. It frees you from the tedium of having to manually export the database each time you add information to the database.

Mail Merge
The database can be read into Microsoft Word to perform mail merge.

Additional Information

Free ShippingN/A
Model #1210IIScan
Height (in.)6.5
Width (in.)4.5
Depth (in.)2.2
Manufacturer Part #1210IIScan

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