Glory GFB-820 Currency Counter. Discontinued, See GFB-830


Glory USA has discontinued the GFB-820 with magnetic counterfeit detection and replaced the model with the GFB-830 which features both magnetic and ultraviolet counterfeit detection.

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Data Financial, Inc. is a registered supplier to the U.S. Government (Cage Code: 3N4R8)


The Glory GFB-800 Currency Counter provides the cornerstone of useful features for the series, and the Glory GFB-820 Currency Counter and Glory GFB-830 Currency Counter include counterfeit detections. Fast, effortless currency counting begins the instant they're turned on.

The GFB-800 is a high quality banknote counter with Glory's MCCD system to protect against counterfeits. All the MCCDs (Multiple Currency Counterfeit Detector) used in our banknote counters have been developed by Glory. Although many of these outstanding technologies lie deep inside our devices, where they are not readily visible, be assured that each GFB is supported by an abundance of advanced Glory technologies.

With the GFB-800 as the base unit, a GFB can be equipped with various types of MCCDs for compatibility with numerous sizes and characteristics of almost any banknote. Various configurations are available in the GFB-800 range. These can include combinations of denomination detection by width / length, UV, MG, MT, IR.

With the “CF auto mode” function, the GFB identifies the specific characterises of the banknotes being counted and then automatically turns on each MCCD sensor as needed.


Speed and efficiency that contribute to smooth business operations

Glory GFB banknote counters achieve a high counting speed of 1800 notes per minute, one of the fastest in the world for a device in this class. Glory’s acclaimed technologies overcome the possibility of increased errors and miss–count rates that often accompany increased speed, making it possible to achieve a counting speed unmatched by conventional counters. Glory’s GFBs can also be set to counting speeds of 1500, 1000 and 500 notes per minute.

Batch operations – fast, efficient banknote bundling Glory GFBs are equipped with automatic batch functions, and preset keys can be used to quickly select batch sizes of 10, 20, 25, 50 and 100 notes. The counter’s numeric keypad can also be used to manually set the batch capacity from 1 to 999.

Intuitive functions and speedy operation

A simple and intuitive display panel, ensures ease of use by the operator. With selectable auto-start function, banknotes can be placed in the counter’s hopper and note counting beings automatically and the simultaneously are checked for authenticity. When counted, notes are removed from the stacker and the note counter automatically resets itself for the next operation.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Part #GFB820
Model #GFB820
Height (in.)7.3
Depth (in.)9.1
Width (in.)10.8
WarrantyOne Year
Show Free ShippingNo
Read DenominationNo
Count ModesAdd, Batch, Count
Counting Speed1,800, 1,500, 1,000, 500 notes/min.
Counterfeit DetectionYes
Counterfeit Detection TypeMagnetic
Bank Grade Quality ScoreHighest Volume (5 of 5)

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